MLK 2017 ~ 2018

Evaluating Equations--(Substitution)
*Evaluating Equations*--J67, T141
Evaluating Equations
Solving Equations--(Properties of Equality)
Solving Equations Pre-Test
*Solving One-Step Equations*--J5, T7-8,
Solving Equations Maze
*Solving Multi-Step Equations*--J10, T14-15
2-Step Equations WS
*Solving Equations w/variables on both sides*--T23-25
Variables on Both Sides-Notes
Variables on Both Sieds Practice
*Solving Equations w/parentheses*--J14, T23-25
Distribute~Combine Like Terms
Distribute or Undo?
Solve using Distribution
Solving Equations & Parentheses-HW
*Writing Equations in Y-Form*--J18, T30-31
In Terms of  'y'
Literal Equations
Y-Intercept Form
Solve for 'y' 2-Step
Solving Inequalities--(Solution Sets and Number Lines)
*Graphing Inequalities*
*Solving One-Step Inequalities*
Solving Inequalities using +-
Solving Inequalities using x /
*Solving Multi-Step Inequalities*
Solving Inequalities + Graphing Inequalities
Solving Absolute Value Equations--(Positive and Negative Possibilities)
*Solving One-Step Absolute Value Equations*
Solving Absolute Value Equations
*Solving Multi-Step Absolute Value  Equations*
Solving Multi-Step Absolute Value Equations
*Solving One-Step Absolute Value Inequalities*
Solving Absolute Value Inequalities 
*Solving Multi-Step Absolute Value Inequalites*
Absolute Value Inequalities
Graphing Equations
*Graphing using tables (points, lines,curves)*--J68, J69, J70, T146-147
Mickey,  Daffy,  Charlie Brown, (Graph Paper)
Evaluating Functions
Evaluating & Graphing Functions
Graphing Functions using Tables
Graphing Lines from Function Tables
Graphing Curves from Function Tables
*Slope of a Line*--J73, J74, J75, J76, T153-155
Slope Triangles
Slope EquationCW
*Graphing Lines using Slope and y-intercept  ('y'-form)*--J83, J86, T170-171
Graphing Lines using 'y'-Form
Equation of a Line
*Graphing Lines using Intercepts  (Standard Form)*--J90, T176-177
Graphing Lines using x & y intercepts

Graph Paper
Graphing Calculator